While delivering alpha remains a core objective, creating value goes beyond pure investment returns. Clients want a relationship that generates value for them, every step of the way.

That’s why we are on a journey to turn the asset management experience into a mutually beneficial relationship: with innovative pricing models, transparency and customized products - we build new solutions on our clients’ terms.

We believe this requires us to deliver on four critical dimensions:

Active is: Putting clients front and centre
Our focus is on you. Deep, long-term relationships with clients are fundamental to our success, and always have been. It’s the Allianz Global Investors way. Build, and keep building.

And this commitment stems from one of our core values – respect. We treat clients as our partners and strive to deliver a superior client experience based on principles of fairness and decency. As your partner we will always aim to exceed your expectations.

Active is: Investing with conviction
Our commitment to active asset management is unambiguous. Whatever the asset class, geographic scope or investment style, we are always active.

Our active offering encompasses equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives, with convictions based on local and global market insight. Underpinned by strong data, vast experience and a culture of risk management, our broad offering translates into real choices to meet your investment needs.

Active is: Solving, not selling
Every client we meet has different goals and different motives, so it makes perfect sense that we tailor our investment offering accordingly. We are committed to finding the right solutions for you.

How do we do this? By drawing on our global investment and advisory expertise, together with our experience in product innovation, to address your specific investment needs. By enquiring, listening and sharing. And by being as open and transparent as we can be.

Active is: Asking the relevant questions
To serve you to the best of our abilities we need to ask searching questions. So we start every client relationship by asking what you want to achieve. You’ll find we’re as keenly interested in the smallest detail as the big picture.

Once we understand, we act. Often this involves intensive research because experience tells us that research-led investments deliver the greatest long-term gains. And just as we won’t hesitate to ask the big questions, we will always be clear about how we intend to achieve your goals. The best client relationships are built on regular and active dialogue.

Global means local
Our global reach – with 25 locations worldwide** – is one of our greatest competitive advantages. Beyond the geographical coverage this offers, our progressive model of managing investments at a local level ensures a far more personal, client-focused service.

Active is: Sharing insights
Our culture is open, democratic and collaborative. Our investment professionals don’t operate in silos or in direct competition. They work together across multiple asset classes and geographies to strengthen portfolios.

Research is key. By sharing information and encouraging an active client conversation we can deliver invaluable insights and more innovative investment ideas.

Proprietary collaboration platform is used to test and share investment research globally

  • Macro-economic research
  • Multi-asset research
  • Credit research
  • Grassroots® Research
  • Fundamental company research
  • ESG* research
  • RMO* research
  • LDI* research
  • Factor research

Grassroots® Research is a division of Allianz Global Investors that commissions investigative market research for asset-management professionals. Data used to generate Grassroots® Research recommendations is received from reporters and field force investigators who work as independent contractors for broker-dealers. Those broker-dealers supply research to AllianzGI and certain of its affiliates that is paid for by commissions generated by orders executed on behalf of AllianzGI’s clients.

* Environmental, social and governance

** Data as of 30 September 2018

Active is: Going the extra mile
In any business it’s important to look beyond pure economic gain. So we want to form a strong team with you. Together we can create value, and share in those rewards.

We believe every conversation, and every interaction, counts. The client experience – your experience – should be more than just mutually rewarding: it should exceed your expectations. That extra mile is always the toughest but often the most rewarding.

Active is: Staying the course
We’re here for the long haul. Stamina and dedication are in our DNA. As part of Allianz Group we invest on behalf of one of the world’s largest and most financially robust organisations, with a heritage of excellence dating back to 1890.

We’ve survived earthquakes, wars and global financial crises with our reputation intact. You can count on us to partner with you, however sophisticated your needs, and however distant your investment horizons, until your goals are met.