Allianz Global Investors Privacy Principles

How does Allianz Group treat data collected from your visit on their sites?

Our core businesses include protection (property and casualty), private provision (life and health insurance) and portfolio management (asset management). These are confidential matters and Allianz and its affiliates recognize your expectations regarding privacy. Allianz is committed to keeping your information confidential and secure and that is why we have designed procedures to ensure your privacy in all facets of our relationship. No matter if you are a consumer, a customer, a job applicant or a shareholder, you are protected, not only by the applicable privacy laws, but, more importantly, Allianz's commitment to safeguard your privacy and your right to decide how your personal information will be used.


You can surf all public Allianz web-sites anonymously. If we want to collect, process and use personal data from your visit on these sites we will disclose this to you. When you complete an application form, be aware that you are giving personal information and you will not be informed separately. If you decide not to complete the application form or to leave the site altogether, we will not keep any data you have provided.


If we want to collect information about you, you decide which personal data we receive and how we use it. We will only collect personal data for the purposes you approve of and only to the extent necessary for that purpose.

Regarding the types of third parties and affiliates to which we might disclose your personal data, please refer to the web-site of your Allianz company.

In some cases, we may share your data with third parties and affiliates in order to offer you other services. In such cases we respect your right to opt out of such transfer to third parties or affiliates or out of our use of your non-public personal data for purposes other than they were collected for.

If sensitive data (i.e. about health conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or philosophical beliefs etc.) is collected on our web-sites at all, we will not transfer them to third parties or affiliates unless you give your express consent. It is important that you read the detailed privacy policy of Allianz company to determine their sharing practices and if an opt out is needed.


We respect your privacy rights, particularly your right to access your information. If you ask us, and to the extent provided by local law, we will share with you the personal information we collect and retain about you through our web-sites. We strive to keep your data accurate. Please provide us with any changes or corrections in your information.

Our employees have to comply with their obligations of secrecy.

Data Security

Allianz companies strive to keep the level of security state-of-the-art at all times.


The laws of the country of your Allianz company provide for measures to enforce your privacy rights. In addition, compliance with these policies is ensured by the corporate privacy officer as well as through an audit process.

Web Beacons, Google Analytics and Notice on Cookies

This web-site is primarily intended for the use of institutional investors. This web site uses cookies in order to provide the most appropriate information to the users accessing this website. Cookies also help to prevent unauthorized access to this site and thus to ensure the information security of users accessing this site.

A cookie is a mechanism to exchange information such as user information or access history between the Web browser and the Web server. Our company uses this function to retain and analyze information related to accessing computers or browsers. Please note though that the cookies employed by this web-site do not include our customer’s personal information such as name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address, address, or other information such as account numbers.

In order to understand the access trends of our clients, our overseas group companies or their outsourcing service providers employ Web Beacons, Google Analytics or Cookies (first-party cookies or third-party cookies).

The purpose of analyzing the access trends is to understand and to prepare statistics on frequency of access as well as the retrieved information and ultimately to support the further improvement of the web site of the Company and the Group.

Web beacons are a technology to understand how many times certain pages were accessed.

You can disable the browsing information collected by Web beacons by disabling cookies (third-party) or JavaScript in your browser. Please note though that this will also disable a part of the functions of this web site.

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