Our corporate philosophy runs through all we do

At Allianz Global Investors we follow a two-word philosophy: Understand. Act. This is as powerful it is as succinct. It describes how we look at the world and how we behave. It signals our belief that with so much information available, the best way to gain an advantage is through understanding. To this, we add a commitment to taking action that capitalises on potential and drives performance. To sustain our advantage, we have organised ourselves so that our understanding flows fast and continuously amongst our colleagues and clients around the globe. The result, we believe, is that we are well-placed to identify, communicate and seize opportunities.

Our commitment to clients is based on extensive experience in understanding their needs

Allianz Global Investors works for many clients around the world. From pension funds, large and small, to blue chip multinationals, from charitable foundations to families, individuals and their advisers. We appreciate that every client is different, with particular circumstances and objectives. So before we do anything else, we work hard to understand their needs. Everything begins with listening to the client. Developing a detailed understanding of each client is the essential first step to creating or implementing an investment strategy to help achieve their goals.

We are focused on active management across a broad range of investment capabilities.

Allianz Global Investors is an active investment manager with substantial resources and expertise. Our global investment platform brings together our distinct and entrepreneurial investment teams under the leadership of the Global CIO. Our portfolio managers bring deep knowledge of the markets in which they invest and they manage portfolios designed to deliver consistent performance through thoughtful and disciplined investment processes. We use our insightfulness to partner with clients and drive Performance. We offer equity, fixed income, alternative and multi-asset strategies. Our expertise stretches from the developed world to emerging markets; from single country to global strategies; from thematic to sector portfolios.

We are deeply committed to proprietary research to create an information advantage

We employ close to 550 investment professionals worldwide1. Driven by our conviction that insight and understanding are the keys to investment success, we place unusual importance on the value of research and the sharing of intellectual capital. Our portfolio managers draw on the work of our economists, strategists and company analysts. Another source of understanding is GrassrootsSM Research2, our specialist investigative research.

Sharing insights globally creates an information advantage which helps to generate outperformance for our clients. We make a point of complementing knowledge with action. So we ensure that all our portfolio managers have swift access to all our research, available on a single platform. We organise our company so that our understanding flows quickly and continuously through our global network. We have everything in place to identify, discuss, evaluate and communicate investment opportunities. Our networked approach allows us to do this faster and to act ahead of the crowd.

Our approach to client servicing is centred on partnership and collaboration

If there's one thing that unites our clients, it is that they expect us to go beyond strong, sustainable investment performance – and deliver a proactive and dynamic relationship. We aim to give them a partner they can trust, an ongoing dialogue to keep them ahead of the curve, and an ally committed to their success. We combine world-class asset management and service expertise to help our clients achieve their goals. Passion is the reason why we care so much – and what’s behind our success. With our consultative approach and client service teams that are based in all major regions of the world, our goal is to offer solutions that truly address our clients’ needs. Clients can leverage the expertise and insights we gain through our significant presence in institutional and retail markets.

Our culture and our values

Human relationships are crucial to the success of our business. Our determination to understand our clients and the markets we operate in has shaped our culture and our values. We aim to stand out as the partner our clients trust with employees they can truly rely on. We seek to inspire both our clients and our colleagues with a passion for what we do. And we are committed to delivering excellence for our clients, their advisors, our employees, our parent company and within our industry.  Putting our clients’ needs first, behaving in an open and transparent way and treating people fairly means acting with integrity.  We respect  difference and diversity and reward individual performance as well as teamwork.

We are part of one of the world’s strongest financial communities

When the world is changing quickly, it’s important to have a stable foundation – and ample resources to draw on.

As part of the Allianz Group, we benefit from a well-established and highly supportive parent, one of the world’s foremost financial services providers, with over 142.000 employees working in more than 70 countries.1

1 Data as of 31 December 2015
2 GrassrootsSM Research is a division within the Allianz Global Investors group of companies that commissions investigative research for asset-management professionals. Research data used to generate GrassrootsSM Research reports are received from reporters and field force investigators who work as independent, third party research providers, supplying research that is paid for by commissions generated by trades executed on behalf of clients.