Fraud Alert

Allianz Global Investors wishes to alert its clients and potential investors that the company names “Allianz” and “Allianz Global Investors” are being misused in connection with an attempted fraud scheme. The names “Allianz Private Investors”, “”, “” and “” are also being used. These are fraudulent companies and should not be engaged with at all.

The company name of its parent company, Allianz , is also being misused. The company name “Allianz” has been cloned and is being used in connection with offering certain financial services which are unrelated to services provided by Allianz Global Investors. This is without our authority and has no link to Allianz Global Investors and appears to be fraudulent.

We strongly advise that, if you are contacted by any persons who you do not recognize, you do not take any action and in particular that you do not share any personal details including bank details.

Anyone receiving “cold calls” in respect of “Allianz” , “Allianz Global Investors” , “Allianz UK”, “Allianz Private Investors”, “”, “” or “” should not divulge any personal data or make any payments.

If you are offered any products which cannot be found on the Allianz Global Investors website, please contact Allianz Global Investors directly using contact details which are found independently (i.e. not on an email/ contact providedby the fraudsters).

You can report any attempted fraud to us at the following email address:

If you believe you are a victim of this scam, you can also report the scam to local government agency (such as to help them identify the scammer and prevent the scam from spreading.